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Hiring the Right Agent

Interview a REALTOR® well in advance.

I’ve been asked over my time as a realtor ‘Why someone should hire a realtor in the first place?’ When most people decide to sell their home by themselves they have various reasons from why they want to not involve a realtor. Some of those reasons are:

I don’t want to pay a commission to an agent
I know too many agents and don’t want to upset one of them by choosing another one over them
I don’t see the value in using a realtor; I can just sell the home myself.

Start interviewing real estate agents 6 months in advance.

Save Time & Money

If you need to be at work or go out of town you don’t need to deal with additional distractions or stress from people texting, calling or emailing you questions about your listing such as “ What is the price? When can we see it? How long has it been on the market?” and the list goes on and on. Your full service agent or realtor will be the one answering all of these questions on your behalf and you can focus on your work or travel. Your life doesn’t have to stop. You don’t have to worry about the tours or staging your home to get it ready to show the agent does all of this for you so you can enjoy your life.

Marketing the Property

A full service agent will do all the marketing for you to free up your day so you don’t have to spend additional time doing things beyond just putting a sign on your front yard and listing it on websites like Zillow, and Trulia. We know if you list it on those sites you will get some attention but it may not be enough to sell your home. By hiring a full – service qualified agent knows your local market better than anyone. He or she knows where the market is going based on market trends, how to set a price that it will sell at and the best avenues for advertising your home’s availability.

Inspections & Contracts

A full- service qualified agent knows what are the appropriate contracts to use in the sale of your home or investment property. They know the sale process really well because they’ve been doing it for a while now. They can sort through pages of fine print to make sure the sale is done absolutely by the book. If any errors and omissions occur they have insurance to cover the errors and omissions if they occur, which limits your risk.

Repairs & Upgrading Efforts

A qualified agent will have a network of professional contacts from attorney’s, inspectors, landscapers, contractors and even other agents, to call if determined necessary to help get your home to be in the best condition to sell.


If you want to succeed, surround yourself with the right kind of people who will support and encourage you all the way. Be with people who have the same beliefs and aspirations as yours. Positive aura is generated by this fusion of collective energy from people of “like minds.” On the contrary, being with people who oppose your ways of thinking may trigger a negative, yet very powerful, kind of motivation.

My team will always tell you to interview as many agents as you want until you find one that makes you feel comfortable with the commission and services they are offering you to list your home or investment property.

Start by knowing the value of your home.

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