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Selling your home from A to Z.

Home Selling Overview


The sooner you hire a REALTOR® the sooner they can develop winning plan to sell your home.

Price to Sell

Price it right, meaning price it to maximize positive attention from interested buyers.

Maximize Exposure

Smart marketing is essential to getting buyers interested in a specific home.

Negotiate & Close

From attorney review to addendums, this tedious last stretch is a requirement to any home sell.

Expert strategy sells a home.

Sell Quick For Top Dollar

  • Price
  • Location
  • Condition
  • Exposure

Location, Condition, Price, Marketing

No matter how small or how large a role they play each of these items are 100% essential to selling a home. Once these 4 factors are understood, we devise a home strategy that fits the home and the seller. We do this with the understanding that while pricing is the most important factor, the condition and marketing of the home are critical in getting top value. 

  • Price
  • Other


Price makes up for 80% of what sells a home. That’s why we price it right from day one, meaning we price it to draw the greatest attention from buyers. Learn more about our pricing strategy here.

  • Location
  • Other


The condition, features, and price of a home can be changed, but the location of a home is fixed. That’s why location is 10% of what sells a home. Location can play a greater role, especially in high demand neighborhoods.

  • Condition
  • Other


By condition, we mean the updates, features, and general maintenance of a home over its lifetime. On average, the condition of a home makes up 5% of what sells a home.

  • Marketing
  • Other


We build a marketing plan that fits each home and each home seller’s situation. Marketing makes up for 5% of what sells a home and plays a key role in maximizing exposure.

Preparing to sell.

Tips From Experts

Exceeding expectations.

Our Difference

No-pressure environment

Enjoy a relaxed, no-pressure environment.

No risk guarantee

Have confidence in the home selling process without risk.

Zero upfront cost

Save time, money, and energy by leaning on our team.

Marketing tools

Have access to the best in real estate marketing to increase exposure.

Honest communication

Always stay informed with timely, honest communication.

Experienced experts

Rely on our 25+years of experience and industry knowledge.

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